Connecting with Vendors in New Markets through Procure Plus.

With Digital Realty 16 February 2023


Connecting with Vendors in New Markets through Procure Plus.

With Digital Realty 16th February 2023

About Digital Realty

Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Company Size: 3,400+
Services: Global provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions

Digital Realty brings companies and data together by delivering the full spectrum of data center, colocation, and interconnection solutions. PlatformDIGITAL®, the company’s global data center platform, provides customers with a secure data meeting place and a proven Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™) solution methodology for powering innovation and efficiently managing Data Gravity challenges. Digital Realty gives customers access to the connected data communities that matter to them with a global data footprint of 300+ facilities in 50+ metros across 27 countries on six continents.

Digital Realty first joined Cloudscene in 2020 to source network services, list their global assets, and discover enterprise opportunities. This participation has been instrumental in strengthening Digital Realty’s presence in key global markets, and Cloudscene’s Procure+ service has enabled them to easily source new vendors while saving time and money on their requirements. This case study will explore Digital Realty’s challenges before joining Cloudscene and discover how the platform has helped them overcome these issues.

Key Challenges

When it comes to expanding into new locations, its best practice and most efficient to work with partners to source local providers and assess their suitability against customer requirements. However, before joining Cloudscene’s platform, Digital Realty lacked the internal resources and capabilities to do this, making expansion difficult.

According to Harm Joosse, VP Service Providers at Digital Realty, “We have a significant presence in North America, EMEA and APAC. With such a large, global presence and the growing pace of enterprise business, challenges can arise when managing workloads across time zones, navigating in-country processes, and efficient research between regional teams. To overcome this, we worked through Cloudscene to easily source quotes and connect with leading vendors in the new markets.”

Joining Cloudscene

Digital Realty was first introduced to Cloudscene through its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chris Sharp. Following his recommendation, the team started to list their requirements on Marketplace and upload its assets to the platform to connect with network buyers.

“After trying its [Cloudscene’s] services, we found it to be very useful in quoting services for us by saving time and money and introducing us to new, unknown vendors. The savings we obtained from its services paid for itself,” says Joosse.

Cloudscene partners with over 10,400 service providers globally. This variety enables buyers, like Digital Realty, to instantly compare thousands of leading vendors across any market or country and find a provider that meets their specific requirements. Unlike traditional procurement, Cloudscene allows users to conduct market research, locate new vendors and compare pricing on a single source of truth platform.

Partnering with Cloudscene has enabled Digital Realty to streamline procurement and ultimately save money on its network requirements. Digital Realty uses Cloudscene to quote network and carrier services in new markets., and is a vendor on the Cloudscene marketplace, offering enterprises access to global data center locations and Digital Realty’s ServiceFabric™ interconnection platform – the industry’s largest open fabric-of-fabrics, designed to support customers as they transition to data-centric architecture.

“Through our partnership with Cloudscene, and the strength of our regional teams with key global markets, we’ve been able to sustain high rankings on the Global Data Center Ecosystem Leaderboard for EMEA, Latin and North America, as well as APAC. This is a result of our ongoing mission to provide a physical meeting place for companies and technologies to unlock the value of data, leading to more enterprises deploying their points of presence in Digital Realty facilities globally. We now house 225+ cloud onramps, 1,300 networks across 300+ facilities around the world. Our position in CloudScene’s rankings further helps to provide public recognition of our capabilities, offerings, and scale for today’s Hybrid IT business landscape,” adds Joosse.


Procure+ is a premium Cloudscene service that offers buyers end-to-end procurement management of network service solutions. Cloudscene creates and oversees the user’s Marketplace listings while providing support to help them meet their objectives and procurement goals.

Digital Realty has been using Procure+ since the service first launched in 2020.

Joosse explains, “Cloudscene’s Procure+ has been instrumental in finding new vendors in markets we have not worked in before. The service offers reports and vendor comparisons so that we can easily see how different providers measure up and are best suited to fulfil our requirements. It has helped us save time and money, which in turn, has enabled us to lower our monthly network expenditure”.

Essentially, partnering with Cloudscene and leveraging Procure+ has enabled Digital Realty to streamline procurement, work more efficiently, and reduce network costs. Through Cloudscene Marketplace, the company has been able to easily connect with service providers in new markets, helping it to expand its service offerings and reach more customers.

Working with Digital Realty

Visit its website or Cloudscene profile to learn how it can help your team further digitize your practices and grow in a more secure, global interconnected network.

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