Hear what our customers say

We’re committed to ensuring both buyers and sellers on Cloudscene are getting the most out of their experience.


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Hear what our customers say

We’re commited to ensuring the buyers an sellers on Cloudscene are getting the most out of their experience.


Connecting with Vendors in New Markets through Procure Plus

Harm Joose – VP Service Providers at Digital Realty

“After trying its [Cloudscene’s] services, we found it to be very useful in quoting services for us by saving time and money and introducing us to new, unknown vendors. The savings we obtained from its services paid for itself,”

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Chris Hawke

Former Chief Operating Officer, Gigafy

“Gigafy’s expansion into the UK was fuelled by the leading connectivity service providers we sourced on Cloudscene. Spinning up quote requests was quick and easy. The platform has empowered us with the comprehensive data and streamlined process we’ve needed to successfully move into this new market.”

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Att White

“Cloudscene has increased our visibility and access to opportunities from larger corporations that are typically difficult to break into through cold-calling. The support from the Cloudscene network has been top-notch, facilitating collaboration between our business and the customer.”

Brian Kleb
Business Sales Executive

Gigafy White

“Cloudscene is an amazing platform when looking for internet wholesalers in your local and far away places.  We have been able to create relationships that we wouldn’t have otherwise found and the support from Cloudscene is one of the best in the business.”


“Organisations are still faced with navigating a complex and fragmented landscape of connectivity options. Cloudscene uniquely provides a global marketplace and centralised platform for interconnection services.”

Chris Sharp
Chief Technology Officer


“It’s generally challenging to cast a wide net and be all things to people; however, Cloudscene intuitively feels and acts like an open systems control plane allowing the tech community to easily connect. With a few clicks, our sourcing opportunity was line within minutes fielding the first response in an equal amount of time – automating another layer of our business allows us to enhance out speed to delivery”

Chad Rodriguez
Vice President – Network & Cloud


“As a global provider of colocation services, Cloudscene is an invaluable channel for my team and me. Cloudscene enables us to connect with buyers and establish leads that otherwise wouldn’t have come to our attention. The platform is very user-friendly and makes generating proposals easy, and the Cloudscene team is always readily available to answer questions and help us navigate the platform.”

Kelly Lawless
Account Manager


“Cloudscene enables us to engage with customers when they’re halfway through their buying journey; they already know that application performance is going to be affected by their network so they’re able to make stronger decisions on their connectivity.”

Patrick Godden
Global Alliances Manager

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