5 Ways IT Services can Streamline Ticket Sales

5 Ways IT Services Streamline Ticket Sales

Selling event tickets was once a very time consuming and expensive process. It didn’t matter if the tickets were for a concert, a business convention or a sporting event; selling tickets required coordinators to manually oversee the entire sales process, from printing the tickets to collecting money from customers.

The ability to purchase tickets online has provided numerous benefits for customers and event coordinators alike. With the emergence of online ticketing platforms and software, selling tickets has become an intuitive and streamlined process and has helped significantly increase revenue. In this article, we will explore the top 5 ways IT services can streamline ticket sales and how Cloudscene can help your business tap into these benefits.

1. Improve Experience for Customers

Purchasing tickets for an event online is significantly easier than lining up to buy them in person. Managing sales online enables companies to target customers and sell tickets through several channels such as websites, social media, emails or apps.

This omnichannel approach doubles as an effective marketing tool and provides customers with a quick and easy way to purchase tickets. Additionally, paying for tickets online is extremely easy for attendees as most ticketing platforms are integrated with popular payment methods such as AfterPay, PayPal or credit cards. This makes payment instantaneous for customers and enables the money to reach event coordinators sooner.  


2. Generate Leads for Upcoming Events

Online ticket sales enable event organizers to capture customer information to help market similar events to them in the future. To purchase a ticket, customers must input their contact information, email address and sometimes even their social media account, which can then be used to build your contacts lists and generate leads for upcoming events.

Many ticketing platforms enable businesses to create bespoke registration forms to help you engage with customers and retain relevant information. These forms can be tailored to your specifications so that customers can still enjoy a seamless experience without sacrificing their privacy – it all depends on your business objectives.  


3. Instantly Track Sales

One of the key benefits of selling tickets online is monitoring sales in real-time. Back in the day, this process would involve regularly checking in with the box office to receive a sales report; by using ticketing software, this information is instantly available from almost any device with internet access.

The ability to connect to a single source of truth platform is crucial, particularly if the event has limited capacity or relies on seats for the audience. Monitoring sales also means that organizers can change marketing strategies according to the sales rate, lowering prices or increasing advertising if tickets need to be sold quickly.  


4. Automate Tasks

Selling tickets through an online management system means that organizers can save a lot of time on mundane tasks. In addition to automatically capturing customer data, ticketing platforms enable teams to send automated sales confirmations, reminders and promotions for other events to customers.

This process saves coordinators from manually sending follow-ups to attendees and prompts customers that need assistance to go through the proper support channels. Online ticketing systems can save you and your team a significant amount of time and help to streamline the sales cycle.  


5. Increase Profits

By negating the need to physically print tickets, event organizers can reduce overhead and increase profits from ticket sales. In the US, the average cost of printing 50 tickets is around $18, or approximately $0.35 per ticket; the cost of printing custom tickets can be more than $1 per ticket. This means that the printing costs of a small-sized event of 1,000 attendees can cost over $1,000 – just think of the capital required for an event with hundreds of thousands of people!

In comparison, the cost of online tickets is almost $0. By partnering with an online event platform of event ticketing software, you don’t have to worry about investing in paper stock, printing equipment or ink. These savings can be passed on to your customers to increase sales, generate customer loyalty and enjoy greater profits.  


So, how can Cloudscene help?

Cloudscene is a digital procurement platform that helps businesses search, find and connect with telecommunication providers. Whether you need rack colocation, cloud connectivity, cybersecurity, ethernet, dark fibre, wavelength, IP transit and internet access, simply outline your requirements, and we’ll connect you with a vendor that’s right for your business.

Event coordinators can use Cloudscene to find reliable cloud connectivity providers or data centres to store customer information, secure a better internet connection to improve customer experiences or find a managed IT provider to help set up ticket management software.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our friendly team to explore the platform and see how we can help your team save time and money on network services.