Connecting Key Markets to Support Digital Transformation for the Enterprise with China Mobile International’s David Li

Connecting Key Markets to Support Digital Transformation for the Enterprise with China Mobile International’s David Li

Digital transformation is no longer an option; unlike the early days of the pandemic, it is now an operational reality that enterprises around the world have no choice but to embrace.

Global telecommunications provider, China Mobile International (CMI), has made it their mission to support enterprises along their digital transformation journey, offering cloud, colocation and connectivity to help firms of all kinds and sizes tap into key global markets.

To discover exactly how CMI is helping enterprise customers embrace digitalization, enable seamless and secure connections, and prepare for the future of global digital connectivity, UK Managing Director, David Li, shares some insights.

Embracing the rise of digital transformation

Accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, digital transformation is continuing to change the way business decisions are made, information is processed, and mission-critical systems and applications are configured by enterprises around the globe.

It is predicted that by 2023, 52% of global GDP will be driven by “digitally transformed” enterprises, and by the following year, 51% of IT budgets will be for digital innovation and transformation.

So, to make the most of emerging digital capabilities, enterprises are increasingly embracing data-hungry technologies like big data, machine learning and IoT, and using multiple cloud services across regions to connect and expand.

“Currently, there is particularly strong demand for connectivity, cloud and content delivery solutions between Asia Pacific and Europe, and with the Middle East and Africa, but also within all these regions, too,” says CMI’s David Li, who adds that this is driving demand for high-quality connections between key markets around the world.

To support enterprises along their digital transformation journey, service providers like CMI are delivering cross-border connectivity solutions that are seamless, reliable and secure for enterprise customers that wish to expand their network and access new markets worldwide.

Enabling all enterprises to connect globally

Committed to shaping a better digital future with the provision of cloud, connectivity and colocation, CMI allows enterprises of all kinds and sizes to tap into a world-class infrastructure for stable and reliable global connectivity.

“Our iSolutions suite of services helps enterprises succeed with one-stop access to five different solutions: cloud network integration (mCloud), Connectivity, Data Center, ICT and IoT,” Li says.

“It delivers flexibility and agility on a global scale, enabling enterprises to expand globally, seamlessly and securely – whatever the industry, wherever they want to grow, and whether they are a small local business or a large multinational,” he says.

According to Li, cloud-focused enterprises are utilizing CMI’s mCloud to find, order, manage and monitor a host of cloud, network and enterprise solutions and services from a single interface, enabling faster innovation and faster time to market.

With financial services being a fast-digitizing sector, Li says a large number of banks, insurers, security firms and fintech companies are also relying on CMI’s cloud networking products and expertise, as well as their network of secure data centers in key financial hubs backed by dedicated, low-latency routes and cloud connections.

“Through mCloud, these firms have access to a service-ready, cross-border backbone that slashes cloud provisioning lead time to seconds – a fraction of that required for traditional connectivity service deployments,” Li says. “It also ensures 99.99% availability for PoP-to-PoP connections with mCloud’s Cloud Connect smoothly integrating different cloud regions around the world.”

CMI’s extensive global footprint of over 70 cable resources and more than 180 PoPs worldwide connects enterprises with key growth markets across APAC, EMEA, and the Americas in a way that is direct, seamless and secure.

Expanding its presence within the EMEA region, CMI has also invested in subsea cable systems such as 2Africa, new PoPs across Europe and a purpose-built data center in Frankfurt, providing even more opportunities for customers to expand their network and carry out digital transformation plans through connectivity, cloud and colocation.

Welcoming the “intelligent era” as automation evolves

There is no doubt that times are changing, and rapid advancements in digitalization are paving the way for a whole new era.

“The world is beginning to transform from the digital era to what we call the intelligent era,” Li says. “The momentum is being driven by the blending of 5G, edge computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide a mission-critical platform for innovation across industries.”

Li highlights the emerging customer preference for self-service at shops and check-outs as a trend that is already driving enterprises to migrate their data to the cloud for rapid retrieval of customer information, which requires a synergy of intelligent solutions including network resources, global PoPs, and automatic systems to coordinate financial and technical operations.

“With the rise of the intelligent era as a result of accelerated digital transformation, we see a major shift. Enterprises increasingly want the benefits of comprehensive one-stop-shop solutions for enhanced efficiency, cost-effectiveness and future proofing,” says Li.

“So, CMI is spearheading the development of a new-generation of network technology to encourage the adoption of intelligence globally – we call it 5G+X and it is a mix of 5G, edge computing, and AI.”

Through this kind of constant innovation, industry providers who are committed to shaping a better digital future for enterprises, will continue to expand their presence and evolve their connectivity solutions to support firms of all kinds and sizes.

Li says, “With extensive network resources and reliable services in tow, CMI is prepared and ready to help enterprises navigate their digital transformation journey and adapt as the world evolves.”

Are you an enterprise looking to digitally transform the way you do things?

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Contributor: David Li, Managing Director, China Mobile International (UK) Limited