Newcomer EdgeCore talks colocation, cloud expansion plans

Industry Insight: Newcomer EdgeCore talks colocation, cloud and expansion plans

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Newcomer with plenty of backing & expertiseEdgeCore’s focus is speed to market, cost and flexibility. And they have the expertise to deliver. The company may be new but the people behind it are experienced and the financial backing is impressive.The Co-Founder, Tom Ray, was once the CEO, President and Director at CoreSite, a well established data center player with 20 facilities across North America. Four other senior VPs from CoreSite also form part of EdgeCore’s leadership team boasting an average of over 10 years working together and a development resume exceeding $5 billion.”Our financial backing is provided by institutional capital partners who are committed to the creation and continual investment in EdgeCore’s data center platform. This robust capital structure enables us to remain nimble and competitive in the evolving data center market, allowing us to meet customers’ data center requirements with compelling economics and flexibility,” said Meyers.The design and construction of EdgeCore’s highly scalable data center platform lets customers expand in a single location, alleviating growth and speed to market concerns for future development.”A standard design that accommodates variable densities, resiliencies and cooling solutions mitigates facility obsolescence risk, giving customers the assurance we can support their current and future data center deployments,” said Meyers.Uptime, the environment and industry challengesA report by the Ponemon Institute, commissioned by IBM, revealed the real cost of an unplanned outage to be US$3.62 million worldwide and $7.35 million in the US.Supported by a 100% uptime SLA, EdgeCore is taking no risks with the trust of its customers, the industry and its investors.“EdgeCore is partnering with a world-class data center operations firm to provide customers with the highest levels of operational excellence, from uptime reliability to scalability.””This approach will utilize best-of-breed technologies including real-time analytics programs to constantly monitor and proactively improve our operations and customer experience,” said Meyers.There’s significant demand for environmentally-friendly solutions that incorporate renewable energy and efficiency in design. EdgeCore has partnered with utility providers to bring renewable energy options to its customers.

EdgeCore Quote

“By choosing renewable energy sources, developing efficient LEED certified buildings and implementing environmentally-friendly construction techniques we’re doing our part and making it a priority to limit our carbon footprint,” said Meyers.Meyers goes on to discuss one of the biggest challenges the industry is facing: choice.”The very nature of how end users approach the growth and change of their data center and IT infrastructure is a significant challenge.””Optimizing data center and IT strategies is becoming more difficult as users need to determine how and where to allocate workloads and compute across owned, leased and consumption-based infrastructure solutions – the number of choices can be overwhelming for many.”For more information on EdgeCore’s facilities and services visit EdgeCore’s profile on Cloudscene or the company website.

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Meet Jeremy Meyers

Jeremy Meyers is Director of Real Estate for EdgeCore. In his role, Jeremy leads partner and enterprise sales activities, working to bring end users’ data center requirements to the EdgeCore platform.

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