Streamlining The Sales Cycle With Cloudscene Marketplace

 Streamlining the Sales Cycle with Cloudscene Marketplace

Buyers of network services are shifting their focus towards digital procurement as they opt for an easier, faster way to manage the search for, and fulfillment of, the critical services that power their businesses. 

Committed to enhancing the way service providers can support the buyers of network services, we’ve recently launched a new Cloudscene Marketplace experience for sales teams to take the lead in simplifying their sales cycle, and streamlining their process from first pitch right through to closing the deal. 

Let’s dive deeper into how Cloudscene Marketplace enables sales teams to support existing and future customers in an efficient way: 

Establishing a streamlined sales process

Marketplace vendors can streamline their sales activities when they operate through our platform so that opportunities are funnelled directly to them, communication with buyers is efficient, managing leads is easy, and teams have all the required information to support customers faster. 

With access to an educated audience of procurement professionals when selling on Cloudscene Marketplace, vendors can broadcast their services to an active community of users who are already searching for what they’re offering.  

From here, sellers can browse listings and funnel opportunities through to their sales engine, or have leads delivered directly to them through our tailored approach to vendor-buyer matchmaking. This makes for a shortened sales cycle and cuts down layers upon layers of back-and-forth communication that typically exists between sellers and buyers. 

Enabling snappy responses to quote requests, the Cloudscene platform is purpose-built for efficiency so that vendors can find more opportunities, sync with customers easily, and make sales fast. 

When discussing sales enablement on Cloudscene, Colt Technology Services’ Global Alliances Manager, Patrick Godden, explained; “Cloudscene enables us to engage with customers when they’re halfway through their buying journey,” adding that, “they already know that application performance is going to be affected by their network so they’re able to make stronger decisions on their connectivity.” 

Driving sales as a team

Service providers can further boost productivity and efficiency by using our platform’s team tools for collaborating with colleagues to drive action for their sales function. With the ability to assign opportunities to team members, and gain insight into the full team’s selling activities (depending on permissions), they can more effectively support their colleagues and optimize their sales cycle.

Cloudscene Marketplace works best when there are multiple different people from around the business working together. Once the sales team is operating as a well-oiled machine, organizations can also look at additional areas of the business where they could use support.  

Getting teammates on board such as colleagues from the organization’s marketing or product team to update company data to showcase services and be matched more accurately with buyers is one way to promote stronger collaboration on the platform, and encourages teamwork company-wide. 

Building a visible pipeline

Service providers can keep tabs on their selling activities and have the power to manage their buyer communication more efficiently through the Cloudscene platform. Providers are afforded a totally visible pipeline for easy management and reporting on their sales activities as they are in complete control of tracking where they’ve indicating interest in fulfilling a buyer’s requirements, showing the quotes, as well as the ‘No Bid’ responses they’ve submitted.

Within their account, sales teams can also track and manage the communication they’ve received from buyers including when they’ve been shortlisted to fulfil requirements, when their quote has been declined (and the reason why), and when they have been successful in their bid on a listing. This is all visible in My Marketplace when you sign up for a Cloudscene account. 

Ultimately, Cloudscene’s Marketplace is a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform for sellers of network services to establish an efficient sales process, with their team to drive action for their business, and remain in control of the sales process. Our platform affords vendors a more streamlined, seamless experience for transacting with buyers, which is proving invaluable to sales teams within the industry and enterprises alike. 

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If you are interested in selling through Cloudscene’s Marketplace, you can explore the platform for yourself here, or view current listings here. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you sell your network services, whether it be Rack Colocation, Wavelength, IP Transit, Internet,Cloud Connectivity, SD-WAN, Ethernet, or Dark Fiber, please contact our team.

Check out Cloudscene Marketplace, to explore the platform or create a free Cloudscene account and start selling network services by browsing active listings and connecting with buyers. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with finding opportunities, please contact our team, we’re happy to help.