Technology and the Changing Face of Casinos

Technology and the Changing Face of Casinos 

You’d be hard-pressed to find an industry that hasn’t been radically changed by technology. Casinos and the broader gambling sector are not exempt from this digital shift, evolving with the times to ensure they can meet the demands of modern customers. Updating casino technology can help to improve security, attract younger crowds and provide better service to patrons. In this article, we’ll explore the ways technology has advanced casinos and how Cloudscene can help businesses in the industry connect.   


Improved Security 

If Oceans 11 taught us anything, it’s that casinos could benefit from better security measures. Casinos have always employed eye-in-the-sky cameras to prevent cheating and ensure the safety of staff and customers, but recent technological improvements have helped to revolutionize this practice.  

Facial recognition scanners and digital security systems help to identify known culprits when they enter the casino floor, enabling staff to eject them from the premises before they get up to mischief. High-frequency sensors can closely monitor gaming tables, instantly recognizing counterfeit chips and card switching to prevent cheating.  

So while these developments may be bad news for charming, Clooney-Esque criminals, they offer a staggering improvement to the security and financial viability of casinos.  


Attracts a New Generation of Players  

For a generation raised on smartphones and PlayStations, the idea of pulling a slot machine over and over again isn’t overly compelling. To entice younger players, forward-thinking casinos have implemented several innovative technologies to bring the industry into the 21st century.  

Many brick-and-mortar casinos are investing in mobile gaming technology to enable players to gamble on their phones while on the premises. This may seem illogical given the number of online gambling games and apps available. However, this is a strategic move designed to target younger visitors that would rather gamble from the pool or their rooms rather than on the casino floor.   

Incorporating virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) technology is another way casinos target young people. VR and AR devices enable users to play hundreds of games while wearing a special headset to provide a real-world gaming experience. Online casino developers are harnessing the popularity of this technology to attract younger customers and ensure they’re equipped to cater to future trends.  


Blockchain Technology 

Online gambling has been around for almost as long as the internet itself. Unfortunately, in the early days, players often fell victim to shady platforms that didn’t offer secure payments. These instances tarnished the reputation of virtual gambling, leaving many to believe that the only safe way to engage with games of chance was on the casino floor.   

To rectify this, many online casinos have adopted blockchain technology to ensure safer transactions for virtual players. Blockchain technology facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies to withdraw or deposit funds between players and gaming sites. Enabling this type of modern transaction ensures that players can safely exchange funds and easily keep track of transactions. By adopting this new form of currency and exchange, online casinos can improve the experience of their customers and restore the reputation of the online gambling sector.  


Analytics and Data  

This one may sound a little dry, but it’s crucial to the operation of modern casinos.  

Both online and physical casinos collect data from many different sources. Online casinos can monitor a player’s performance and behaviours to determine what they look for in new games. This data provides online casinos with invaluable insight into their customers, enabling them to cater to their specific preferences to generate loyalty and encourage them to play more frequently.  

Physical casinos can use loyalty cards and online booking software to collect similar customer information. Data collected from these systems enable casinos to market directly to customers, advertising specific offers and events similar to ones they have previously enjoyed.  

Although the idea of data modelling may not align with the glamorous allure of the casino, these strategies are crucial to attracting modern customers and providing them with an optimal gaming experience.  


So, how can Cloudscene help? 

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