Top 10 tips to generate more leads for your business

Top 10 tips to generate more leads for your business

Leads are the driving force behind successful businesses. They’re the digital representation of real consumers working their way through your marketing and sales funnel; transforming from visitors to paying customers. Our job as marketers is to guide this journey through engagement activities. It all starts with lead generation: the process of warming customers up to your business.

While our global marketplace has a bunch of features that are purpose-built for helping service providers like you gain leads, we thought we’d get the lowdown from our own marketing experts on how you can go above and beyond in welcoming desirable prospects into your business. Here are their top 10 tips:


1. Go direct to the source

Nothing beats direct engagement with your prospects. If your business offers a high-value service or product that can be billed on a monthly retainer, reaching out to prospects in person, over the phone, via email, or through targeted paid social media advertising is the shortest route to generating new business.


2. Make it personal

Everyone likes to be wanted and prospects are no different. It doesn’t take much effort to personalize emails, provide tailored content to potential customers who’ve shown interest in your site, or offer data unique to their business and activities – but it makes a huge impact. Don’t make personalization superficial; do it in a way that demonstrates a deep understanding of their needs so they feel wanted by you.


3. Tap into SEO and SEM

Uncovering keywords and phrases through customer behavior research takes time but leveraging the long-tail and short phrases prospects are searching to find services like yours is invaluable. Ranking in Google searches for keywords is just the tip of the iceberg. Employing an SEO specialist to assist in optimizing your site and content coupled with paid search engine advertising such as Google Ads is sure to increase your qualified leads and give your brand a boost.


4. Use your network

Ask for referrals from current customers; it’s a classic tactic that rarely fails.. If you’ve got a strong network of customers and “friendlies” who are willing to support your marketing efforts, why not get their help? One way to reward them is to provide discounts for ongoing contracts in return for genuine referrals. This not only shows you appreciate them, it’s a way to get high-quality leads easily.


5. Offer free tools

Don’t overlook your existing database; you don’t always have to tap into new markets and audiences to grow your business. Offering a discount on a desirable tool or onboarding offers can help ease the transition from lead to customer or create a raving fan willing to openly recommend you. We love providing discounts to our new and existing customers. It not only nurtures our new buyers but also shows appreciation to our existing customers.


6. Syndicate content

This could be as simple as writing guest blog posts or featuring in videos for a company that compliments your offerings. You’ll get noticed as a brand that’s “in the know” and be seen as a trusted source of advice or a thought leader by featuring on content platforms that attract your target audience. The more trust you gain within a market, the more likely leads will convert to customers as the decision-making process is reduced.


7. Provide insight on forums

Much like guest blogging, answering questions on forums within your niche can provide free exposure for your business, and recognition of your status and know-how within your field. This opportunity can be used to develop trust with potential customers by offering value and support to help them tackle the specific challenges your business solves.


8. Work with industry influencers

Become a wealth of information and build your following. From offering technical advice and how-to content, to providing the latest and greatest news, activities such as interviewing well-regarded influencers within your industry can give your brand the reach and exposure you need. By drawing upon an influencer’s audience, you’ll drive more prospects to your site who are looking for the info you’re putting out there. A constant content feed that includes influencer pieces keeps you at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and before you know it, they’ll be talking about you and signing up as a customer.


9. Have fun with it!

Capture leads through unconventional mediums such as lead quizzes,chat tools, and gamification. Generating leads doesn’t need to be a chore (for you or the customer) so why not make your web experience fun while simultaneously capturing the data you need to start your prospects on their buying journey.


10. Don’t leave em’ hanging

Prompt follow-up of leads is important. No one wants to make an inquiry or express interest in what you do only to be ignored. Getting back to prospects within 24 hours is ideal but if you can’t, transparency around timeframes is the next best thing. In order to stay on top of your funnel, having an efficient and easy-to-use CRM along with supportive internal tools to keep communication open should be a priority.