Top 5 Reasons to Procure Online

Top 5 Reasons to Procure Online

You can pretty much buy anything on the internet these days, even the internet. As businesses start to rely more on digital solutions, procurement platforms like Cloudscene Marketplace make buying and selling network services as easy as placing a pair of shoes in your digital cart. 

Here are 5 reasons your business should procure network services online: 

1. Pricing


Cloudscene Marketplace allows businesses to compare quotes from vendors all over the world. Whether you’re looking to see how your current supplier measures up to competitors or if your business is starting from scratch, Marketplace ensures that your company is getting the best possible price for your network requirements.  

2. Save Time

The traditional procurement process meant that busy business owners had to invest hours into something ultimately intended to save them time. With Cloudscene, you can compare thousands of global providers in a matter of seconds – without the hassle of organizing thousands of meetings.You can save even more time by narrowing the search down to the specific service you’re after (i.e. Rack Colocation, Wavelength, IP Transit, Internet,Cloud Connectivity, SD-WAN, Ethernet, or Dark Fiber) or your desired location for even quicker results.  

3. Easily Manage Quotes

Cloudscene ensures that buyers are offered competitive pricing by sourcing quotes from a wide range of relevant vendors. The platform allows businesses to shortlist and select vendors with the click of a button, while managing quotes and responses easily in one centralized place.  

4. More Variety


Our Marketplace hosts over 10,000 service providers from around the world. When buyers list with Cloudscene they know that they’re getting access to the best prices and invaluable industry data to support their business decisions. 

5. Online Procurement Team 

Whether your organization employs an in-house procurement team or if you’re starting fresh, Cloudscene can help your team streamline the online procurement process. The platform enables users to assign responsibilities to different team members so that each step of the procurement process is clearly understood and accounted for. If you’re new to the world of procurement, Cloudscene can mitigate the need to design new personnel roles, as it can help you get the job done in just a few clicks.