Unlocking Infinite Capacity with MOX Networks’ Allen Meeks

Unlocking Infinite Capacity with MOX Networks’ Allen Meeks 

As enterprise networks become more complex, businesses require greater capacity to share and store larger volumes of data. To meet these growing requirements, service providers are delivering innovative solutions to help customers quickly achieve high-capacity bandwidth, ensuring they can meet the demands of future growth.  

MOX Networks is a leading fiber optic network specialist that owns and operates unique lit and dark fiber routes throughout North America and Asia. MOX responds to the increasingly complex requirements of hyperscalers, wireless service providers, government, municipalities, public and private partnerships with exclusive, custom design and deployment of unmatched low latency networks.  

We sat down with Allen Meeks, COO of MOX, to discuss infinite capacity and explore how it can help businesses increase resiliency and easily navigate network complexity.  Read the full interview below: 


How does MOX Networks define ‘Infinite Capacity’?  

MOX partners with customers to solve their most complex network challenges. This includes solving for the future growth and capacity needs that customers have forecasted as they grow and share data.   

MOX is committed to designing, constructing and delivering long-term fiber optic solutions that will be the conduit for the infinite capacity of content and data sharing that our customers require. In other words, MOX specializes in future-proofing networks for generations to come.  


Why is it important for businesses to achieve infinite capacity? Do certain sectors need this more than others?  

Infinite capacity is relative to the customer and how much data they send across the networks. I believe that it is fair to say that the largest companies in the world, no matter their sector, are becoming (or already are) evolving into content companies.   

How companies communicate with customers on a global scale, and the use of technology and apps that facilitate interactions with their products and services, requires more bandwidth than ever before – with no end in sight. Ensuring that networks can accommodate projected growth is key to delivering on the customer experience and their subsequent expectations.   


How does MOX deliver infinite network capacity?  

MOX offers a variety of wholesale solutions to large customers looking to expand their capacity. We have dark fiber and dark fiber channels available in areas throughout North America. In addition, MOX offers Layer 1 optical transport nationwide across the US, Canada and Japan.   

We are always looking for opportunities to add network to our portfolio in the form of net new long-haul builds, network acquisitions and even network partnerships. This flexibility and reach make it possible for MOX to deliver on the desired paths and capacity requirements of our customers.    


How does MOX’s service offering differ from competitors?  

I think the biggest differentiator between MOX and our competitors is that we truly aim to be a long-term network partner. We offer similar products and services as our competitors, but MOX possesses the unique skill set and expertise to create and deliver custom solutions for our customers, recognizing that one size does not fit all.   

We work diligently to ensure that all our fiber routes are connected to many of the world’s largest and most robust data centers in key markets, including those in subsea locations. We also understand the importance of diversity, minimizing network congestion, latency, and upgraded technology along networks. MOX seeks out and reviews opportunities to deploy the latest technology in the form of upgrades and new fiber across our portfolio of network offerings.  


Can you please talk a little bit about your dark fiber build-out plans and what it means for your customers?  

Customers have asked for new options in the Pacific Northwest and MOX has delivered on a new, diverse route, connecting Hillsboro, OR to Portland, OR. An extension of this route up to Seattle, WA is currently underway. Offering dark fiber, dark fiber channels, as well as 400G and 100G transport services from new, world-class data centers, like QTS, has been extremely popular amongst our principal customers.   

Opening new paths in congested markets is incredibly effective and well-received, as these new paths offer best-in-class service and delivery to customers.  


What about your 400G Expansion plans, what does this project mean for your customers?  

MOX provides 400G transport connectivity services across multiple routes throughout the US. We are consistently looking to upgrade our network, allowing us to increase capacity and remain on the cutting edge of what can be possible with a long-haul DWDM network on diverse network routes.  


Which key services does MOX offer? How do these services fit into the broader telco landscape/have you added or altered any services as a result of global trends?  

MOX’s key offerings include dark fiber, dark fiber channels, 100G and 400G transport, and custom network solutions. In addition, MOX is currently working with cable landing consortiums on terrestrial backhaul solutions for new landing stations on both the east and west coasts of the US. This includes proposals for developing diverse pathways and creating unique routing options to key data centers and customized solutions to meet the unique needs of the customer.   

MOX has also been working with more regional service providers and giving them unique and cost-effective routing solutions back to major IP centers.  


Think MOX Networks could be right for your business?  

Discover what MOX can do for your business by visiting their Cloudscene profile to learn more about their infinite capacity, dark fiber, and custom connectivity services or alternatively, visit their website.

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Contributor: Allen Meeks, COO of MOX Networks

Allen has over 15 years of telecom industry experience across business development, network design, and sales engineering. Combining engineering expertise and a passion for entrepreneurship, Allen has fulfilled a variety of business development and sales engineering roles at Qwest, NTT and others, as well as strategy consulting for various regional interexchange transport networks in the Pacific Northwest region.     

Prior to joining MOX, Allen joined a start-up transit aggregator, Spectrum Networks and was instrumental in growing and selling the company to Wave Broadband in 2015.