Why More Businesses are Investing in Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture

Why More Businesses are Investing in Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture 

Enterprises across all industries are rapidly expanding their digital networks to become more agile and competitive in an increasingly virtual marketplace. This growth presents numerous benefits to businesses, allowing them to automate tasks, reach more customers and streamline operations. However, network expansion also creates more digital points of access to enterprise data, leaving businesses increasingly vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches like malware or ransomware attacks.   

According to Fortune Business, the global cybersecurity market is expected to reach over USD 375 Billion by 2029. This growth is largely owed to the fact that more businesses are moving their on-premises enterprise data and infrastructure to third-party facilities or the cloud for greater scalability. As cybersecurity needs become more complex, teams start to look towards integrated systems, like cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA), for a more robust and resilient solution.  

What is Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA)?  

Cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) facilitates the interplay and coordination of multiple security systems to create a more unified data protection policy. In other words, CSMA is a solution that allows different security services to talk to each other so businesses can manage their security more easily and dynamically protect their data.   

Instead of trying to protect your entire network with a singular type of security technology, CSMA improves business security by protecting each individual endpoint against breaches. This solution is designed to help enterprises evolve beyond independent, highly fallible systems and move towards an integrated security strategy.   

CSMA bolsters enterprise resiliency and enables teams to outsource their security to a managed cybersecurity provider. These providers oversee the implementation and continued management of your cybersecurity mesh strategy, helping to streamline the onboarding process for greater efficiency.   

Top 5 Benefits of Cybersecurity Mesh  

1. Integrated Security Services
Unlike standalone security solutions or software, cybersecurity mesh allows several protective services to integrate and communicate. This enables streamlined security management and creates a more robust protection network for your business.   

2. More Flexibility
Following the pandemic, organizational flexibility and resiliency have become a priority for most businesses. Creating an integrated and agile security system enables your team to mitigate loss in the event of a disruption and gives you the flexibility to scale your requirements as needs change.   

3. Increased Protection
CSMA allows for analytic and security tools to collaborate, improving your organization’s defensive posture. This integration significantly enhances your ability to quickly respond to cyberattacks and reduces the risk of data and revenue loss in the event of a breach.  

4. Rapid Deployment
One of the key benefits of CSMA is that it enables teams to quickly deploy and easily maintain additional cybersecurity technologies. This reduces the need for businesses to invest in costly solutions that are only needed temporarily, allowing you to better allocate resources to business-critical operations.   

5. Outsourced Security Management
As security systems become more complex, they become more difficult and time-consuming to manage. When you partner with a managed IT provider, they oversee your CSMA deployment, troubleshooting and management. This saves your team a significant amount of time and removes the need to hire in-house specialists to manage your security architecture.  

Why More Businesses are Investing in CSMA

It’s estimated that cybersecurity attacks cost global businesses up to $6 trillion per year, and this figure continues to rise. Investing in cybersecurity mesh architecture is vital to organizations with complex digital networks or teams looking to migrate their data from on-prem infrastructure to the cloud.   

CSMA enables your team to dynamically protect your data while streamlining efficiency and cultivating business resiliency. If you’d like to learn more about cybersecurity or want to connect with a Managed Service Provider, visit Cloudscene to find the right vendor for your business.   

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