Why Movie Theatres Need Better Connectivity

Why Movie Theatres Need Better Connectivity

The pandemic took a significant toll on the movie theatre industry. The closure of theatres around the world meant that ticket sales hit a 40-year low, dropping 80% back in 2020 alone. As restrictions have eased in many countries, we’re seeing a resurgence of movie buffs heading back to theatres thanks to big titles like “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, and “The Batman”. However, industry experts worry that the popularity of streaming services and the convenience of at-home viewing will mean that movie theatres will never fully return to pre-COVID attendance.

To combat this paradigm shift, theatre execs are incorporating digital and network-based strategies to stay relevant among modern audiences. In this article, we’ll explore strategic ways theatres integrate telecom technology to improve their value proposition and retain customers.


Theatre Streaming Services

We expect that streaming services are the mortal enemy of theatres, but many cinema chains have embraced the popularity of Netflix and their ilk by creating their own streaming platforms. These services are designed to provide a digital accompaniment to brick-and-mortar theatres, giving audiences the chance to support their local cinema from the comfort of their homes.

These streaming platforms generally offer a combination of films released in the past year or two (usually 6 months after the initial release) and classics throughout film history. This enables audiences to catch up on movies they may have missed at the cinema or view indie releases that only played at select chains.

Streaming services typically use cloud connectivity to upload and manage their library of films, enabling customers to watch movies on almost any device with an internet connection. By diversifying into the digital realm, theatres can target a broader customer base and directly compete with streaming platforms.


Digital Films

Traditionally, movies were stored on physical film reels and could only be played using a specialised projector in theatres. Nowadays, most films are recorded and stored virtually and are displayed using a digital video projector instead of a film projector. Movie nerds have long debated the artistic ramifications of switching from film to digital, but the practical and logistical benefits of going digital are hard to ignore.

Cloud connectivity can assist with storing, editing and distributing films, helping to streamline operations and foster greater collaboration. Instead of manually sending a film reel to each participating theatre, movie distributors can share content instantly and securely through the cloud. This saves on distribution costs and mitigates the impact of human error.

Cloud connectivity and a reliable internet connection are required to facilitate digital distribution. To streamline this process, procurement platforms like Cloudscene can help cinemas connect with cloud or internet providers that meet their specific business requirements. Browse through our database of over 9,900 vendors to find one that works for your team.


Improved Customer Experience

Most modern cinemas have adopted many technological advancements to improve the audience experience. These improvements can be seen in the introduction of booking software, digital tickets, theatre loyalty programs and internet based POS (Point of Sale) devices in theatres. From an administrative standpoint, these improvements help to streamline the sales process, saving the customers from lining up at the theatre and offering them the convenience of ordering tickets (and even movie snacks) through their mobile devices.

Furthermore, online ticketing software offers a unique marketing opportunity to theatres. When a customer purchases a ticket online they must input their contact information to complete the purchase. The software saves this information to a database, enabling the theater to disperse email marketing materials to increase sales and create repeat customers.

As more movie-goers opt to watch films at home, theatres must be up to date with the latest technologies to maintain relevance. These digital advancements help improve the day-to-day operations of theatres and provide audiences with a more convenient viewing experience.


The Cloudscene Solution

Cloudscene is a digital procurement platform that helps businesses search, find and connect with telecommunication providers anywhere in the world. Whether you need rack colocation, cloud connectivity, cybersecurity, ethernet, dark fibre, wavelength, IP transit and internet access, simply outline your requirements, and we’ll connect you with a vendor that’s right for your business.

Movie theatres can use Cloudscene to find reliable cloud connectivity providers or data centres to store digital films, secure a better internet connection for an improved customer experience or find a managed IT provider to help set up ticket management software or virtual streaming services.

Want to learn more? Get in touch with our friendly team to explore the platform and see how we can help your team save time and money on network services.