3 things to consider when sourcing SD-WAN

3 things to consider when sourcing SD-WAN


Software-Defined Wide-Area Network (SD-WAN) is rising as a viable option for organizations embarking on more complex cloud and network journeys, and seeking ultimate efficiency.

You can dive deeper into SD-WAN demand and trends across the industry in our first and second articles in the ‘software-defined everything’ series. But for now, let’s get into how organizations can source these services, starting with three things to consider when going through the procurement process: 

1. Be in the know with competitive pricing


Just as with any product or service, where there are multiple key players offering a solution, it’s important to know and compare your options to ensure you’re getting the best possible pricing to suit your budget.  

Network projects can blow out substantially, and when you’re making a commitment to an arguably progressive digital technology like SD-WAN, you want to know you’re doing so without investing more than is needed.  

Consider how this might also tie into other services you’re sourcing. Perhaps you’re planning to use SD-WAN in conjunction with your multi-cloud connectivity? Being clear and concise about exactly what you need – and/or giving as much detail about your project as possible – when requesting quotes from service providers will enable them to put forward accurate quotes.  

Cloudscene Marketplace enables you to list your network requirements and request quotes from the open market. You’re able to receive, manage, and shortlist quotes easily in one place to select the perfect pricing. Learn more here. 

2. Get in touch with market-specific contacts

When it comes to procuring in-demand services like SD-WAN in the markets you’re hoping to expand your presence in, scale to, or simply keep operating within, knowing exactly who to contact is critical. It’s the difference between piecing together fragments of local knowledge to figure out who to get in touch with – and having an abundance of options across key service providers in the right regions. 

First, you’ve got to bridge that information gap and learn what’s available and where. Ask yourself: Could you name a handful of different vendors offering SD-WAN where you’re looking to source services? 

If the answer is “no”, then you’ll need to look for an alternative strategy to opening your book of contacts. Cloudscene has over 9,500 service providers in its market intelligence directory. When you create RFPs, our matchmaking service suggests local and global vendors to invite to quote your SD-WAN requirements. Explore service providers here. 

3. Find an easy way to organize service fulfilment

For simplicity’s sake, it’s beneficial to find a way to source SD-WAN that avoids mountains of paperwork, back-and-forth emails, phone calls to find the right provider and the right price. Businesses already using SD-WAN to gain a competitive edge are moving fast, so you want to stay ahead of the game.  

Having a seamless way to source services means you can focus more on the complexities and challenges you might face with your network strategy – particularly if you’re overseeing a large project or revamping your business strategy by implementing more digital technologies. Perhaps your company is undergoing digital transformation, or is simply enhancing efficiencies across the network and cloud stack.  

Whatever your need for procuring SD-WAN, having a digitized and centralized platform to do so can give you back the time and energy you need to focus on higher priorities. Digital procurement is fast becoming the preferred method to achieve this.  

Cloudscene Marketplace enables you to find the right vendors, shortlist and select the optimum service provider/s, all in one place, so you can continue on to get service fulfillment sorted ASAP. The transparency and visibility of your options and pipeline helps to simplify your procurement process from start to finish.  

So, there you have it; three considerations to have top of mind when sourcing SD-WAN, one of the most highly sought after digital technologies for organizations right now. Focusing on competitive pricing, being market-specific with contacts, and streamlining the process as much as possible should see your company gaining the benefits of SD-WAN in no time.  


Ready to begin your SD-WAN journey or incorporate SD-WAN technologies into your network architecture? Start sourcing on Cloudscene Marketplace – create a listing to reach out to service providers to fulfil your SD-WAN requirements. 

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