Expanding Your Global Presence – Maxihost Case Study

Expanding Your Global Presence – Maxihost Case Study

About Maxihost

Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil
Company Size: 60
Services: Bare Metal Cloud Provider

Based in Brazil, Maxihost offers an innovative approach to IT infrastructure. By combining high-performance bare metal servers with a fully automated self-service platform, Maxihost enables customers to instantly deploy powerful, dedicated servers from strategic locations around the world. Maxihost’s bare metal cloud platform is optimized for today’s digital economy and provides businesses access to a globally distributed node infrastructure.

A Bare Metal server is a physical server dedicated to a single tenant, delivering exceptional levels of performance, customization, security and reliability. Bare metal is ideal for processor-intensive, latency-sensitive applications such as gaming, streaming, and Web3.  Maxihost’s unique service offering enables customers to deploy and manage a bare metal server in real time via an easy-to-use platform, allowing them to simultaneously harness the speed of a dedicated server and the flexibility of the Cloud.

Maxihost joined Cloudscene in February 2020 to increase brand exposure and support its expansion goals and the establishment of more global Points of Presence (PoPs). In this case study, we will explore some of the challenges Maxihost faced before joining Cloudscene and identify how the platform helped them address these issues and achieve their procurement goals.

Challenge #1: Understanding Local Markets

Expanding to new and unfamiliar markets can be challenging. To establish a PoP in a new region, Maxihost has to partner with a local data center and a couple of Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Connecting with providers in these new markets ensures that customers in the area can quickly and reliably access their services; without having to endure latency.

Without a solid understanding of the local digital infrastructure and connectivity ecosystem, this process can be challenging. According to Maxihost’s Head of Sales, Ricardo Bortolansa, “We are constantly expanding globally and looking for strategic locations where we can establish a new PoP. However, opening a PoP in an unfamiliar country was daunting and time-consuming. It was difficult to understand local options for trustworthy data center providers and ISPs.”

Maxihost used the Cloudscene Marketplace to search and compare providers in their target markets. For Maxihost, Marketplace was an invaluable tool to help the team quickly understand different local landscapes. As Mr. Bortolansa says, “Using the Cloudscene interface and powerful search filters, it is easy to find local data center providers and ISPs other than the obvious ones.”

Cloudscene’s Marketplace enabled Maxihost to quickly and easily assess service providers in unfamiliar locations. This process helped them establish multiple PoPs and allowed them to provide better service to new and existing customers.

Challenge #2: Finding High-Quality Providers

Identifying available providers is one thing, but connecting with vendors that meet your specific business requirements is another. Maxihost found it challenging to connect with providers that met their unique needs throughout the expansion process.

As Mr Bortolansa puts it, “It was not easy to find suitable providers in unfamiliar locations, particularly ones that met all our requirements. We take quality seriously and have a rigorous selection process — we do a lot of latency and capacity tests to make sure it’s a good fit for our customers.”

Cloudscene enables businesses to create ‘listings’ that outline their exact connectivity requirements such as service type, cost and time frames. Listings are then ‘bid’ on by service providers, allowing businesses to assess the suitability of a vendor based on their unique criteria. This feature, coupled with the ability to search and compare thousands of service providers on the Cloudscene Marketplace, ensures buyers can connect with a vendor that is right for their business.

“With Cloudscene, we can find various high-quality players who offer good value and who can meet our specific needs — not just the big players,” Mr Bortolansa says.

Challenge #3: Increasing Findability

Likewise, Cloudscene’s digital marketplace has made it easy for businesses looking for powerful bare metal capabilities in densely populated, highly connected cities around the world, to find Maxihost.

Mr. Bortolansa explains, “We have gained new customers from the Cloudscene platform — both for our data center in Brazil and for our global PoPs.”


Established in 2001, Maxihost is a leading global Bare Metal Cloud provider, serving thousands of customers in 13 locations across the globe. If you’d like to learn more about Maxihost, visit their Cloudscene profile

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Contributor: Ricardo Bortolansa | Head of Sales

Ricardo Bortolansa, Head of Sales for Maxihost, has over 19 years of experience in the Technology and Innovation fields, with extensive expertise in building customer relationships, direct and indirect sales, business strategy, and account management.

Before joining Maxihost, he worked as a Senior Account Manager supporting FIFA’s ITC supplier for the 2013 FIFA Confederation Cup. Later in his career, he worked as Business Director in one of the most prominent Contact Centers in Brazil. In 2015 he lived in Berlin, Germany, where he obtained an MBA in Technology and Innovation from the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT).