5 Ways Network Services are Changing the Automotive Industry

5 Ways Network Services are Changing the Automotive Industry


In 2022, we expect more from our cars than ever. Nowadays, customers ask that their vehicles be able to stream music, connect to the internet, and receive real-time navigational assistance. We can even live out our Knight Rider fantasies and speak with our cars! 

It’s clear that the auto industry has changed dramatically over the decades, and new technologies are constantly changing the way we think about transportation. We’ve taken a look into this digital metamorphosis and identified 5 ways network services have and will continue to shape the auto industry.


1. Autonomous Vehicles 


Let’s start with a fun one. Some car manufacturers are experimenting with IoT (Internet of Things) technology to develop autonomous cars that will literally take the wheel and perform all driver functions. Although this ambition is yet to be realized, semi-autonomous vehicles have been created to help drivers with braking, parking and changing lanes. 

Manufacturers use IoT practices to design cars that partly control specific vehicle functions to take pressure off the driver and improve safety on the roads. By using cameras and proximity sensors, vehicles that tap into IoT systems can make driving safer and reduce the risk of human error. 

2. Vehicle Maintenance


Another convenient innovation in this sector is the ability to predict the lifespan of a vehicle and its parts. Whether you are an individual car owner or a business managing a fleet of cars, the ability to prevent a future breakdown is extremely appealing.

Automotive maintenance systems combine edge computing with cellular connectivity and function like a dashboard on a car, altering the driver about probable issues. These warnings are sent to the driver’s phone before this malfunction occurs, helping them to take cost-effective and time-saving measures to prevent it from happening. 

3. Collaboration 


As cars become more connected, they will become increasingly in tune with our day to day digital lives. Cars are already in touch with our music streaming services, phone contacts and weather apps; and will only become more intelligent as time goes on.

An example of this could be that cars become linked to our digital banking, enabling us to do things like pay for parking and tolls in real-time. By tapping into reliable and efficient network services, vehicles will continue to integrate with the intelligent ecosystem around us.

4. Fleet Management


Integrating the auto industry with IoT has revolutionized the fleet management process. Transport trucks that deliver cars are now designed to include location tracking, weight measurements and other sensors. This data is then gathered and stored in secure cloud-based applications. This development enables fleet operators to analyze and monitor various aspects of the fleet and track their delivery status. 

5. Better Driving Experience

The purpose of all of these exciting innovations is ultimately to improve the driving experience. By improving features like voice command accessibility and Wi-Fi, drivers can safely access more applications without diverting their focus. 

Whether it be by automating driving maneuvers, providing optimized navigation, or connecting with more entertainment services, the integration of IoT and network technology is providing a safer and more enjoyable time on the road. 

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