Choosing the Right IaaS Provider for Your Business

Choosing the Right IaaS Provider for Your Business


In an oversaturated cloud computing market, finding a provider that meets your specific objectives and service requirements can be difficult. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud solution wherein the provider supplies a business with physical IT resources, like servers. IaaS providers manage these resources on behalf of the client, reducing the burden on teams to maintain and upgrade their equipment. IaaS offers many benefits to businesses, typically enabling them to increase efficiency, improve security, and scale bandwidth as the company grows.   

With thousands of IaaS providers to choose from, businesses need to be clear in their requirements and consider a variety of factors when selecting a supplier. Let’s explore some key considerations your team should examine during the procurement process and learn how Cloudscene can help you find the right IaaS provider for your business: 


Service Level Agreements

Establishing an effective service level agreement (SLA) is one of the most crucial steps when selecting an IaaS provider. An SLA is a contract that codifies the parameters and requirements for each service element and outlines exactly what the client can expect from the provider.   

The SLA should accomplish the following:

  • Affirm your business’s ownership of data stored on the IaaS provider’s infrastructure,  
  • Dictate what remedies are available should your requirements not be met
  • Specify the cost of the services and;
  • Detail the security standards the service provider will maintain.   

Before selecting a provider, it’s crucial that you thoroughly examine the SLA and ensure that it aligns with your business needs. Service levels can significantly impact the cost of your IaaS solution, so you must commit to a quota that meets your specific objectives.   


Customer Support 

When committing to a provider, it’s important to know how and when you can get in touch with them. IaaS providers often stake their reputation on how well they can maintain business continuity and mitigate downtime, so they often focus on improving customer service to stay competitive.  

We recommend looking for a provider with as much availability as possible. Ideally, your provider will be available 24/7/365 to offer support when you need it, even on nights and weekends. A provider’s availability should be outlined in the SLA, as well as their maximum response times and disaster recovery expectations. 

It’s imperative that you look for a provider that aligns with your customer support expectations to reduce the risk of business disruptions and potential revenue loss.  



Protecting company infrastructure can be complicated and time-consuming. IaaS providers are highly experienced in sourcing and implementing state-of-the-art security technologies to ensure your company data is as safe as possible. However, not all providers are created equal.  

Ensure that you’re upfront with your provider about your data protection needs and if you have any compliance or industry-specific requirements, make sure they’re proficient in those areas.  



IaaS enables businesses to rapidly and easily scale their data processing capabilities. Firms can instantly add capacity during busy periods and reduce bandwidth when it isn’t needed. Many providers offer pay-as-you-go pricing structures so that clients only pay for the bandwidth they use. 

We recommend looking for a provider that can offer data centre expertise as well as advise on cloud and on-premises solutions. Partnering with a provider that adopts this hybrid approach enables your business to be flexible and adapt to changing needs over time.  

Additionally, check the SLA for the following:

  • Can the provider easily transfer data to a different provider? 
  • What is their approach to infrastructure updates or adding new services? 
  • What are the provider’s exit strategy expectations to ensure you can smoothly transition to a new provider down the track? 

These factors will help you determine whether the provider is flexible enough to support your business across various stages of development and ensure your company data is easily accessible in the event of unforeseen changes.  


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