How Cloudscene is Helping the Manufacturing Sector Save Time and Money

How Cloudscene is Helping the Manufacturing Industry Save Time and Money

While the manufacturing sector and a digital procurement platform might appear to have very little in common, you’d be surprised how beneficial one can be to the other. The manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly digital in terms of how it produces goods, interacts with its customers and even trains its employees. As network services become more integral to manufacturing practices, so does the need to find reliable and budget-friendly providers. Here are 3 ways Cloudscene can help manufacturing save time and money on their network services.

1. Train workers remotely

A significant challenge for the manufacturing industry is bridging the information gap between retiring baby boomers and reluctant millennials. Virtual Reality (VR) is helping to address this obstacle by using the knowledge of older generations to inform and create digital training materials for future employees. This enables manufacturing firms to retain invaluable industry knowledge while providing remote training opportunities for younger workers.

To establish an effective VR training program, manufacturers must have access to reliable network services. The flexibility and efficiency of VR can only be harnessed if employees can quickly retrieve training materials through the internet or the cloud, and that’s where Cloudscene comes in. Cloudscene enables businesses to search, compare and buy network services through its digital platform. Whether you need internet, network fabric, colocation or cloud-based services, simply outline your requirements, and Cloudscene will connect you with a vendor that’s right for your business.

2. Save time collaborating with Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Many manufacturers use Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts to streamline project administration and communicate with suppliers. Smart Contracts are facilitated by Blockchain technology and serve as digital alternatives to written agreements. This management method is more secure and accessible because it mitigates the need to make multiple copies of a contract by allowing team members to access information through the cloud.

Furthermore, with Blockchain, once a transaction or contract has been approved, it is automatically locked and the next phase of the project can begin. This chronological sequencing makes it easier to track progress and ensures that changes or delays to a project are traceable to their point of origin. This significantly reduces the time spent manually overseeing each activity on a project.

Cloudscene can help your business establish Blockchains and Smart Contracts by introducing you to industry-leading internet and cloud providers.

3. Keep up with the latest developments

Technology is evolving rapidly, making it difficult for businesses across all industries to keep up. Even if companies invest time and money implementing a new technological solution, a faster, more efficient solution may emerge before it’s operational.

In addition to serving as a convenient procurement tool, Cloudscene also uses industry-leading data and market intelligence to inform its customers of telecommunication news and innovations. By joining Cloudscene, buyers can use the platform to stay on top of industry trends and ensure that they connect with providers that use the latest technologies.

The Cloudscene Solution

As we’ve established, Cloudscene is a quick and easy way to search and compare network service providers. In addition to this function, Cloudscene also allows buyers to create listings on its Marketplace. A listing outlines what a buyer is looking for in terms of service type, cost parameters and time frames. For example, a listing could dictate that your business is looking for a reliable internet connection in LA so that your employees can work or train remotely. Or state that you need cloud services in Sydney that will facilitate the use of Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts.

Once the listing has been created, Cloudscene connects you with a range of facilities and providers that meet these requirements. Buyers can then vet this list of providers and assess their suitability for your business before finally selecting your preferred vendor. If you’d like to learn more about Cloudscene, get in touch with our friendly team to explore the platform and see how we can help your team save time and money on network services.