How Tech has Revolutionized Sports Betting

How Tech has Revolutionized Sports Betting

Sports betting has been around since humans started watching other humans play sports. The Romans bet on gladiators, the English bet on jousting tournaments, and now we bet on almost anything and everything with our phones.

The global sports betting industry is colossal. Valued at USD 76.75 billion at the close of 2021, the market is led by online platforms showcasing growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.6%. In English, this means that the multitude of people betting on games with their laptops and smartphones has led to tremendous industry growth, showing no signs of slowing in the future.   

In this article, we explore why online sports betting apps are the platform of choice for punters and how Cloudscene can help betting enterprises capitalize on their popularity.   


Reduce Latency  

Sports betting companies can use network services like cloud connectivity and edge data centers to provide instant coverage to users globally. Betting on games requires a fast and reliable internet connection so that users can stay up to date with scores, stats and player information. To ensure that all backers have an equal chance of winning, betting companies often establish edge servers close to their customer base so that a fan in Sydney has the same betting experience as a fan in London.   

By hosting user data on the cloud, betting enterprises ensure that information can be accessed instantly by anyone with a reliable internet connection. Unlike Wi-Fi, cloud connectivity isn’t beholden to a single router or network; this makes it easier for businesses to connect with customers worldwide without sacrificing service quality.   

In short, cloud connectivity and edge computing services enable global users to bet on games whenever and wherever they like. This flexibility is highly desirable to customers and allows betting companies to easily and quickly expand their business.   


Online Payment  

Digital payment technology has revolutionized transactions across all sectors, and sports betting isn’t exempt. Back in the day, backers would have to physically venture to their bookies or betting windows to place their bets. Sure, this process worked fine, but the potential for human error and temporal and geographical challenges limited who could place a bet and when.   

Nowadays, customers can use online payment methods to place bets instantly wherever they are. Gamblers can place bets using credit cards, PayPal and even cryptocurrency, making the process significantly more flexible and convenient. This process also ensures that betting companies receive their money instantly, eliminating the need to follow up with the customer. 



One of the key benefits of cloud connectivity across all industries is its flexibility and scalability. The cloud is ideal for sports betting platforms, as it’s malleable enough to scale your storage requirements depending on customer demand. This means you can increase your storage capacity during peak betting seasons and reduce it in quieter periods. 

By investing in cloud connectivity, betting companies can be confident that their system won’t collapse days before Super Bowl Sunday due to a dramatic influx of data. With the billions of dollars flowing in and out of these platforms, enterprises in this industry must invest in these technologies to provide a robust, secure and streamlined customer experience.  



Sports betting apps are an excellent way for gambling companies to collect data and market to customers. When users create an account with your platform or place a bet, they need to input their contact information to complete the transaction. This data is collected and stored by the software to create a database of users, which can then be used to create segmented distribution lists for future marketing activities.   

For example, if you know which customers frequently wager on football games, you can use this data to send them an email about an upcoming match or promotion to entice them to bet with your platform. This type of data is invaluable to marketers and can be used to generate customer retention and loyalty.   


So, how can Cloudscene help? 

Cloudscene is a free digital procurement platform that helps network buyers search, find and connect with telecom providers. Sports betting providers can use the platform to source local and global cloud & hosting providers, establish sophisticated betting software or establish edge data centres to provide instant coverage for punters in other countries. 

Cloudscene helps buyers find network solutions such as rack colocation, cloud connectivity, cybersecurity, ethernet, dark fibre, wavelength, IP transit and internet access. 

All your business has to do is outline your requirements, time frames and budgets so that we can connect you with a provider that meets your specific needs. 

If you’d like to learn more about the platform, get in touch with our friendly team so we can kickstart your procurement journey today.