4 Ways the Internet Revolutionized the Publishing Industry

4 Ways the Internet Revolutionized the Publishing Industry

For years people have fretted that the growing demand for all things digital will inevitably lead to the death of publishing. Pundits have lamented this tragic fate for over a decade now, but it seems that publishers are not quite so pessimistic. On the contrary, digital services have empowered the industry to find new and creative ways to engage audiences and improve operations. These new benefits are accessible to publishing houses of all sizes, all you need to know is how to connect. Let’s explore the top 4 ways network solutions have revolutionized the publishing industry (for the better) and how Cloudscene can help your business get on board.  


1. Accessibility  


One of the key benefits of digital publishing is that it enables readers to access content from many sources and devices. In the past, print media was only available if you could find it in your local library or bookstore. This was fine if you were looking for Moby Dick, but anything more niche could be tricky.   

Digital publishing allows people to access content whenever and wherever they want as long as they have a reliable internet connection. The increase in availability is hugely beneficial for publishers, content creators and readers alike.  


2. Variety  

There are so many different platforms to post, share and consume digital content meaning there is more variety in published work than ever before. Readers can find media on almost any topic they are interested in, and writers have more avenues on which they can share their work.  

The democratization of publishing means that we are seeing unique work from a broader range of writers that may not have had a chance to publish otherwise. Of course, this means that the content may not always be to everyone’s taste (cough, Stephanie Meyer, cough), but one of the best things about digital publishing is that it enables more people to share their stories. 


3. The Power of Audio 


Digital publishing enables the industry to do something that’s eluded them for decades; target people that don’t read. 

The demand for audiobooks is growing rapidly, with experts projecting that it’ll become a $19 billion industry by 2027. This phenomenon poses a significant financial opportunity for digital publishers and allows them to market to a larger audience. Audiobooks are great for those trying to learn a different language, the visually impaired, or people who simply prefer to listen to content than read! The widespread popularity of audiobooks shows no signs of slowing down and can significantly help digital publishers grow their business and customer base.  


4. Reduce costs 


Digital printing is categorically cheaper than its traditional alternative, and provides publishers with more opportunities to monetize their publications through digital advertising. Moving from print to digital publishing can save a significant amount of money on printing costs, paper stock, ink and delivery logistics. Printed media has limited advertising space to sell, whereas digital publishing is more flexible and gives businesses further opportunities to generate revenue.  

Additionally, if an error is found in the content, it is far easier and cost-effective to make edits to a digital publication. Print media either has to live with the consequences of the mistake or spend a significant amount of money re-printing.  


How Cloudscene Can Help  

If you’re in the publishing industry and want to break into the digital space, Cloudscene can help you get started. Digital publishing requires a host of network services, such as cloud connectivity or data center solutions to store content, wavelengths for a faster internet connection to publish and distribute work, and managed IT providers to assist with system backups and cyber security.  

For smaller organizations or teams without a dedicated IT department, Cloudscene is the ideal solution to help get you started on your procurement journey. Cloudscene is a digital procurement platform that helps businesses connect with network providers that offer rack colocation, cloud connectivity, cybersecurity, ethernet, dark fibre, wavelength, IP transit and internet access. All you need to do is let us know the type of services you’re looking for, your location and your budget, and we can connect you with a provider that’s right for your team.  

If you’d like to learn more about Cloudscene, get in touch with our friendly team to explore the platform and see how we can help your team save time and money on network services.